North West Cork

Glencam area

Part of Duhallow way

Living with Corona means to find ways to make life as comfortable and safe as possible. We all had so much discomfort in the last 18 months. Let's give our body and soul a bit a freedom and a rest before an unstable time in form of the winter approaches. 

Keep in mind: The safest way is being outdoors.

First of all I want to mention the following important advises for this walk:

– Only a part is suitable for walking with kids and this is only on a back and forth walk

For the other part the following applies:

– Good walking shoes are essential for this walk. Be sure your shoes are water resistent. This area is a turfy area.

– In this area you may not have a phone connection.

– Don’t go this way on your own, but at least with a companion.

Let’s start here:
52°2′38″ N 8°53′30″ W

The main trail is suitable for all ages.

A comfortable walk…

Have a look out for small streams, usual and unusual plants

When you follow the main trail you will come to an open area where you can see an untouched nature

There are 2 bridges, a bigger one on your way, inviting to take a break, and a smaller one around the corner (Please note: This one is part of a tiny road, but there might pass every now and then a car with a good speed. Be careful, when you’re in this specific area with kids)

The red arrow marks the the blue trail direction which is more secure and family safe. The green arrow is the direction for the more experienced walkers and hikers. However, you also can walk this route in the other direction. The direction we walked is more challenging as it is downwards. Keep in mind that mostly upwards is easier than downwards.
This section is very good signposted. Unfortunately it doesn’t point out the difficult terrain.

To give you an impression of the more difficult part, I’d rather let pictures speak. Be prepared that sometimes you will have to feel the way rather than see it:

This part is excellent signposted, but not to underestimate
Sometimes you have to feel the trail rather to see where it leads to


The shortest route from Cork is to take the R579 to the Nad-Area:

52°2′38″ N 8°53′30″ W

Unfortunately there’s no direct public transport

Bweeng Duff

Summer has ended and the short autumn goes almost seamlessly into an early winter. The temperatures are at least early in the morning really wintry. We have to get used to it, however, there are still so many sunny days which makes it easy to find the time to go for a walk.

It’s been a while ago that I shared a walk with you. For different reasons. But last weekend I met Conny near Bweeng (don’t ask me how that is pronounced!). It’s a wonderful area with hills, grassland and woodland. Continue reading

From Inchileigh to Ballydaly Upper

Have I ever been excited about the way markings on some hiking trails? Never before! This trail seems to be the famous exception to the rule. It’s so easy to follow the trail, you will never have the feeling to get lost and it’s fabulous.

However, you should be fit, because the trail is a bit demanding. It’s not suitable for buggies. Dog owners could struggle at the stiles here and there, depending on how good your dog deals with such difficulties. We managed every of these stiles, but it sometimes was a bit tricky.

Inchileigh, stiles to climb over

Hiking shoes are definitely recommended. With good shoes the hiking experience will be a good one.

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The Gearagh, Lee Valley, Co. Cork

Have you ever been to Macroom? A busy market town with the beautiful remainings of Macroom Castle. But the area around of Macroom is amazing. Today I want to show you something special. According to it is a place which remains of the only ancient post glacial alluvial forest in Western Europe: The Gearagh next to Macroom. The Gearagh is a haven of tranquillity and an area for everyone who loves birds, butterflies and flowers. The Irish Times calls it the Everglades without the crocodiles.

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Mount Hillary, Banteer, Co. Cork

What is the best solution to get to know an area if you are not familiar with it because you have never been there before? You know someone who reads the blog and fortunately lives in the area 🙂 Many thanks to Conny, who supported me here. It was a great day and not only because the weather god meant well with us.

Let’s go to North-West Cork!

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Warrenscourt forest, Co. Cork

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…..

Some just came from their last vacation, some can go the next upcoming weeks and some have to wait until September or so. Are you one of them? One of them who has to wait?

Let’s turn a weekend into a short trip and enjoy mother nature. Warrenscourt Forest is such a place you can go for. Put the family in your car and off you go!

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Waterfalls in Co. Cork, No. 1

The more I go walking, the more I feel, what I missed in the last 10 years. Unintentionally. Driven by duties, finding a balance between job and life, acting between sunrise and sunset. Like all of us. Unfortunately! Life is no walk in the park.

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Ballincollig, Co. Cork – Regional Park – The gem amongst the treasures!

Are you busy with Christmas Shopping?

No time to relax?

You don’t like to use an app for being mindful of your mental health? (Like me! )

And you think sports is a murder? You don’t like going to a gym? Me, neither.

But you are curious, to find a way to combine a bit of everything with a valuable outcome?

Let me take you out for a walk this weekend (or one of the next). Not that far away and suitable for everyone.

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