Chestnut in Curragh WoodsHave you ever dreamt of a nice walk far away from the main road?

– On a natural path and not on a pavement?

– To see something different and if it’s only for 1 or 2 hours?

– Searching for circular routes and not only ways leading back and forth?

– It’s not that far away from home. Can you reach it from Cork City in less than half hour?

– Is it quiet and gives you a relief from stress?

– Your kids can run forth and back and you don’t have to pay much attention?

– Can you have a nice chat with your friend and aren’t distracted by a noisy surrounding?

Take the chance and have a look around.

Nature’s color and sound have a nice effect on our well-being. The color green and running water have a known calming effect on people’s psyche. Better than every wellness-center and for free! Or almost for free. And a hopefully nice communication is part of it. With your partner, your children, with friends, or with me. If you want to join me for a walk or hike, please read more about guided walks and hikes around Cork.

So, let’s take a bit care of our overall health and save money on drugs and counselors.