Warrenscourt forest, Co. Cork

Warrenscourt forest, Co. Cork

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…..

Some just came from their last vacation, some can go the next upcoming weeks and some have to wait until September or so. Are you one of them? One of them who has to wait?

Let’s turn a weekend into a short trip and enjoy mother nature. Warrenscourt Forest is such a place you can go for. Put the family in your car and off you go!

Warrenscourt Forest

This is one of the places that is designed for having a great day. To get the head free, to give your body a few moments to recover, to explore the nature.

A few steps away from the parking area, you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful areas. Here are a few pictures to make it easy for you to decide:

After following the path for about 1,5 km, you will come to a barrier. Turn right and walk up the hill. Simply slow down a bit and you won’t have a problem with the gradient. It’s quite easy to walk because the trail is comfortable.

Who doesn’t intend to go uphill, simply follows the trail straight ahead. There’s a picknick area not that far away which invites to stop by. The whole distance, back and forth, is about 4 km.

Once you have decided to go up the hill, you will come to that place as well, because you can use the trail as a loop. The whole distance is then approx. 7 km. The higher the more options are available. Maybe take the shorter trails first, come back and walk a longer distance next time.

To finish the day nicely, Mai Fitz’s Bar/Restaurant might be worth a recommendation. It’s almost opposite of the petrol station in Lissarda. I like the restaurant.


From Dunkettle Rdabout or Kinsale Rdabout you take the N40/N22 towards Macroom. In Lissarda turn left after the petrol station to Kilmurry and immediately after that right again. Keep on going this road, cross the narrow bridge to the right and a few 100m further you will find a parking area at the left hand side. Don’t expect it to be signposted. Simply slow down a bit and you won’t miss it.

The distance from Lissarda “petrol station” to the parking area is 2,5 km.

GPS: 51°50′33″ N  8°53′16″ W

And sorry for all the people who are dependent on the public transport. I thought, Lissarda should have at least a bus station at the N22, but that was a wishful thinking. Sorry for that.

If you want to join me for a walk or hike, please click here for guided walks in Co. Cork