Knockananig Reserve, Co. Cork

Knockananig Reserve, Co. Cork

Isn’t it easy to take the car and drive to a location that is quiet and beautiful? The disadvantage is, that mostly where you can go by car to, it is overcrowded. And there are places, which aren’t overcrowded, although you can go by car to. One of this places is Knockananig Reserve. However, I want to show you how beautiful it is to walk to this small lake.

When you are anyway in Glenabo forest, you might be curious to extend your walk to this stunning place. It’s suitable for buggies, but the part through the forest might be after a period of rain occasionally muddy.

Assuming you are on your way back from the waterfall, there is a left turn short before you reach the parking area at Glenabo forest. Seen from the parking area at Glenabo forest, you simply follow the yellow way marking for the long distance trail (E8). A bit up the hill and you reach a barrier to the tiny street coming up from Glenabo Heights. Turn left and walk along this street until you reach a junction. It’s about 1 km or so. Turn left again and keep on walking for approx. another kilometer. At the right hand side is a small parking area with a barrier (52°7′4″ N  8°19′16″ W). It’s called Coolmucky Wood.

Follow the path behind the barrier until you come to a forest road. The way marking for the long distance trail leads to the left, but turn right here and after about 200m turn left. Now we walk slightly down hill. (Keep in mind, what we walk down hill now, we have to walk up hill on return). It’s quite a comfortable trail, but as you can see from the pictures, some puddles might cross your way.

You walk down along the tiny lake and end up in front of a barn. And now it’s getting a bit difficult for buggies. You have to turn right to enter the area round the lake, which means you have to cross a few meters over large stones. First of all, it is good to have suitable shoes with you. And secondly, if you have a buggy for the youngest ones with you, a helping hand for this small part is not to bad. But once you passed it, you further can follow the trail comfortably. Turning right at the end and you are facing the parking area.

Enjoy that little lake and walk around. There are a few benches to sit. Enjoy the view, before you return.

From Glenabo forest parking to Knockananig Reserve and back it is about 11 km. If you start from the parking area at Coolmucy Wood, it’s about 6 km. Don’t forget, it’s a bit a hilly course and you might need more time than expected.


From Dunkettle Rdabout take the R639 towards Fermoy. You also can use the M8 toll-free and exit at Watergrasshill (exit 17).

Between Rathcormac and Fermoy you turn left on some point (52°05’19.7″N 8°16’37.7″W). It’s signposted to Corrin Hill and the Kingdom Hall of Jehova Whitnesses.  You will pass by the Coillte Cross car park, which is on the right-hand side and at the end of the street you turn right. At the next T-Crossing you turn right again and the at the next T-Crossing you turn left at the Stop-sign. After that, turn immediately left again. Looks like a private premises, but once turned left, you will see the Coillte-sign for Glenabo forest car park.

GPS: 52°7′40″ N  8°17′55″ W

For all my readers who are dependent on public transport:

There are 2 busses to FermoyNo. 245 and X8, but that’s it. My recommendation is to combine a few walks and plan it beforehand very well.


Starting point and end point: Fermoy rowing club

Blackwater River Walk, Glenabo Forest + waterfall = about 8 km

Blackwater River Walk, Glenabo Forest + waterfall and Knockananig Reserve = about 18 km


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