Glensheskin Forest, Co. Cork

Glensheskin Forest, Co. Cork

It seems spring is coming very, very slowly. To be honest, the temperature rises, but you can’t feel it. However, some days are already wonderful. If such a day meets your private schedule, then leave everything behind you and go out for a walk. It may give you this special kick you need to oversee the other days, which are only useful for sitting in the office, but nothing else. When the next acceptable day comes along, let’s go for a walk to the northern part of Co. Cork.

When I went to the Ballard Waterfall, I passed by the Glensheskin Forest and wondered when I could come back to explore this place. The week before easter I was anyway at Corrin Hill and that’s why I took the chance and stopped there for a walk.

Glensheskin Forest

There is a small car park available in front of a barrier that leads into this beautiful area. After a few meters you’ll cross a small bridge, then turn left and walk along the stream. You will pass a picknick area and have now the option to walk either right up the hill or turn left, crossing the stream again and walk along on a comfortable trail.

The trail splits after about 2 km into 3 separate paths. The right one leads to Mountain Barracks and you can extend it to Ballard Waterfall. It is also part of the Blackwater long distance walk. The middle one leads to the military zone and can be used as loop walk.  You can walk along the military zone, combine it with the Blackwater Way and walk to Mountain Barracks, too. The left one can be used as a loop walk as well and it leads you back to the parking area. It’s entirely up to you, how far you want to walk.

Blackwater Way

The Blackwater Way, which is part of the European walking route E8 that starts in Dursey Island, Co. Cork and ends in Istanbul, Turkey, is a 165 km long walking trail and starts in Colgheen, Co. Tipperary. It’s end is in Shrone, Co. Kerry. Later on, we will come across more parts of this walking trail, because we can combine more and more short walks into this long distance walk. And it is a moderate walking trail, means, the whole family can walk together.


Starting from Dunkettle Roundabout take the M8 until Exit 14 towards Kilworth. You have to turn right to Kilworth at some point, but it is clearly signposted. Follow the road into Kilworth and at the end of the street turn right into R667. After about 50 meters turn left into Coachford Road signposted to Ballyporeen. Keep straight and follow the street to the forest area. The parking area is on the left hand side.

GPS: 52°10′58″ N  8°14′8″ W

Public transport

For all who are dependent on public transport:

It is an area difficult to reach. There is definitely running a Bus No. 245 to Kilworth. Glensheskin Forest isn’t that far away from Kilworth and it might be 30 Min to walk to the parking area.

If you want to join me for a walk or hike, please click here for guided walks in Co. Cork.