Guided Walks

My special offer for you

Guided walking

I’d like to invite you to join me when going for a walk. My Opel Corsa has to offer a few free seats. Contact me, if you want to go for a walk or see what I have to offer or better our nature can offer to you. If you don’t have a car, it might be possible to pick you up from home or from a point which is for all of us easy to reach. If you have a car on your own, you simply can follow, if you wish.
Groups shouldn’t be larger than max. 8 people at the end (means 2 cars, fully occupied).

The destinations will be a surprise or your specific choice.





• suitable clothing and good shoes. Best option are walking shoes.
• drinks, fruit or sandwich


Guided walking only: 20 € / hour

Collection service:

within Cork: 10 €

outside Cork: upon request


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