Youghal beach walk, Co. Cork

Youghal beach walk, Co. Cork

By calender it’s already spring and so let’s go today to the most south eastern part of County Cork. To Youghal. Youghal calls wonderful beaches its own, which can be divided into 2 sections or better in 3? And Youghal has its own website for more information about swimming at Youghal beaches.

Overall it is a bit more than 5 km long beach and excellently designed for walking. To and back is 10 km. Not the shortest walk and good to know, if you want to walk with children. As it isn’t a loop walk due to local circumstances, you have 2 points to start.

Before planing your walk keep the tide times and sun protection in mind. Both are necessary to have a good walking experience at this time of the year.

The main starting point is well to reach by Bus No. 260 until Youghal (Opp. Strand Palace). It’s in walking distance to the beach. By car, you can start here as well, because there are plenty of parking possibilities available.
And you have one in Pillmore. If you want to start here, it’s better to use the car. There are 2 parking areas available.

Front Strand and Claycastle Beach

These 2 sections are next to each other. Front Strand is a sandy beach and possibly the most appropriate decision in summer for families. Claycastle Beaches has a special value with the boardwalk. There are loads of benches provided and it is additionally wheelchair friendly. I started there, having the choice either to walk directly at the beach or using the 400 m long boardwalk.
Behind the Claycastle beach parking area, the walk leads along the beach towards the Quality hotel. And you have again 2 options to walk. Along the beach or at a small path between beach and marshland. Quality hotel marks quite the middle of this wonderful beach walk.

Redbarn Beach and Bird trail

Behind the holiday homes, the bird walk gives you the possibility to watch several different seabirds like Oystercatchers and Cormorants. You also might be lucky to watch dolphins.

Pillmore Strand

At the end of the bird trail, you will reach Pillmore Strand. If you decide to start from here it can be a bit quieter. It decelerates life already when leaving your car.


Getting to Youghal by bus is simple. From Parnell Place in Cork, take the Bus No. 260 and get off at Youghal (Opp. Strand Palace).

If you go by car, simply follow from Dunkettle Roundabout the N25 until you have the option to go along the N25 or into Youghal directly. Turn left towards Youghal following the R634. If you want to start at the Front Strand, simply follow the road. There are 2 options to turn into the Front Strand, but you won’t miss it. The last turn is a bit tricky because the R634 makes here a turn to the left and the turn to the right into the Front Strand is not really comfortable to use. It might be better to use the turn into McCurtain’s Town (Evergreen House).

If you decide to start at the Pillmore Strand, turn into R633 towards Quality hotel. Follow the road until it turns to the right towards Ballymacoda. You will go instead straight to the beach.

GPS: 51°56′26″N 07°50′38″W (Youghal Front Strand)
51°56′03″N 07°51′36″W (Claycastle Beach)
51°55′30″N 07°52′20″W (Quality hotel)
51°54′34″N 07°53′44″W (Pillmore Strand)
51°54′41″N 07°53′18″W (Pillmore Strand)

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