From Glanmire to Mayfield and back, Co. Cork

From Glanmire to Mayfield and back, Co. Cork

What to do, if Cork is actually one single traffic jam because of Ed Sheeran’s concert weekend? I hadn’t planned to attend. Not because I don’t like his music. He is a very talented musician, but me and masses of people doesn’t fit.  An alternative is to leave the car where it is and take the bus to Glanmire for a wonderful walk through the fields and forest! Isn’t possible you might ask. Of course it is.

PS.: If you are short on breath or have problems to walk hill upwards or downwards, it might be good to search for another option. It’s also not really suitable for buggys etc.

Vienna Woods Hotel

When taking the bus to Glanmire, leave it at Lower Glanmire Road (Opp. Stone arch) and walk back to the turn off to Vienna Woods Hotel and walk up the hill. Keep going to the end of the overflow parking area and walk up the small stoney path to the left. It leads to a small street. You turn right and follow the street approx. 100 m until you come to a house and a gate to the left. Behind the gate is a farm.

Forest walk

Once you are facing the house, you can either go through the gate turn right and follow the small path along the fields or leave the gate standing left, turn right and follow the path which leads you between the hotel and the forest. It doesn’t matter, because these 2 paths meet again after a while on a junction. The shortest walk is, if you use these 2 paths as a small loop walk. You will end up in any case at this junction. Here you can decided, if you want to extend your walk through the forest.


You can chose from several options which all lead you back to this point, if you stay on the main path. If you walk the whole loop and back down to the Lower Glanmire road, you will walk about 4 km.


During your walk, you can spot a few rabbits and listen to the birds’ songs. The stream running through that area is also good to hear.

I tracked that with the app komoot and here is a picture of the route:

Glanmire, Vienna Woods, short tour

Lota and Mayfield

And if you want to walk the big round, then go through the gate and follow the small street up the hill towards Lota and Mayfield. You will walk along the fields and have on some point a wonderful view to Mahon and the harbour. Once you come to a big green field to the right, turn right and cross it on the right edge which leads to the sports ground. It is a huge site and you can walk along here with a wonderful view to the surrounding, hilly area.

Simply follow this tiny street:



If you are going by car and starting from city center, pass by the train station and going straight to Glanmire Rdabout. Take the first exit to Glanmire and before you enter Glanmire, turn left up to Vienna Woods Hotel  to the overflow parking area.

By bus:

Take the Bus No. 221 to Glanmire. Leave the bus at Lower Glanmire Road (Opp. Stone arch) and walk back a few meter to the Grotto and then further to the street that leads up to Vienna Woods Hotel.

And if you want to join me for a walk or hike, please click here for guided walks in Co. Cork