Dromkeen Wood, Innishannon, Co. Cork

Dromkeen Wood, Innishannon, Co. Cork

Actually I wanted to finish another walk, but I’m still not good enough to walk longer distances. Slowly but steady I feel more and more trapped at home and I thought a short walk could be a realistic goal. And one of these short walk was anyway on my list. Not far away, more easy than moderate, suitable for all the days with the frequent rain showers in-between.


Innishannon is called the Gateway to West Cork. It has a wonderful main street with lovely restaurants and beautiful small shops. A good idea  is to stop here for a walk, when coming or going to West Cork.

Dromkeen Wood

So let’s go! It is really a short comfortable loop walk.  A nice parking area at the beginning and you can extend your walk to 1,5 km. The last about 300 m, you have to walk on the road. The road is not very busy, so don’t be afraid. Nevertheless it’s good to think about which side of the road you are walking.

Exactly: Always on the right-hand side to face the direction the cars are coming from. Easier for both parties, the car drivers and the walkers. They can see each other. It can save lives.



Coming from Dunkettle or Kinsale Roundabout take the N40 westward and use then the N71 which brings you directly to Innishannon. Going through Innishannon and turn left after the bridge at the end of Innishannon. You won’t miss the parking area. It is just behind the bridge.

GPS: 51°45′51″ N  8°39′56″ W

For all that are dependent on bus services, here is the time table for the bus to Innishannon.

Bus No. 239

And if you want to join me for a walk or hike, please click here for guided walks in Co. Cork