Suffering from a skin disorder?

I’m not a doctor! But I’ve been suffering since my early childhood from Atopic eczema.

Everyone who’s suffering from a skin disorder agrees that this can be sometimes a nightmare. It doesn’t matter how it is called. If you are suffering from Psoriasis or Contact Dermatitis or similar skin disorders, at some stage it affects your life tremendously.

Skin disorders – my personal experience

For most of these skin disorders, the following applies:

Find out what you tolerate! Sounds easy, but it’s definitely not. This can include different food, fabrics, cremes etc. Some work out for years and from one day to the next you won’t tolerate it anymore. Please consult your doctor as he is the best address to get help.

Daily routine

However, what is absolutely necessary is a daily basic care for your skin. And believe me, I tried that much different creams and the result was, at the very end I tolerate the natural creams and oils the best.

The best experiences I made with

  1. coconut oil
  2. vaseline
  3. dead sea salt
  4. Moroccan argan oil.

Always depending on the season. When the days getting warmer I can work absolutely fine with coconut oil only and a bath with dead sea salt every 2nd day. I avoid taking a shower as it mostly irritates the skin more than necessary.

In winter times I need definitely richer cremes like vaseline or a combination of coconut oil and Aveeno or pure argan oil.

In case of emergency

There are times where I can’t sleep because this skin disorder tends to be very itchy. And also here the most basic tip for every kind of itchy skin disorders helped perfectly fine:

Take an old sock and fill with oat flakes. Let the warm water run through the sock into your bath tube and enjoy the feeling that this bath reduces the itchiness within 15 min.

When I’m on travel, walking, hiking etc. Multilind is for almost 25 years my best companion. Try it out. It’s worth every penny.