Glennagear Woods

Glennagear Woods

In my eyes this summer has been the best since a long time. But all things come to an end and the unpredictable weather is back again in Ireland.

Does it keep us away from going out for a walk? Of course not! We have good shoes, good clothing and if the weather app shows a chance of 50% rain, the likelihood is given, that it won’t rain at all or only drizzle. County Cork and every 20 km a different weather. This was the initial situation that day.

Glennagear Woods

I met with Conny at the parking area for Glennagear Woods. Anywhere in the middle of nowhere. The day before I wasn’t that sure, if we should go, because the weather forecast wasn’t really promising. We both were dressed properly. With suitable shoes and a trekking jacket with a hood. So let’s just go and see what happens.

From the parking area a wooden bridge leads over a stream and then you are immediately in a quiet woodland. The Blackwater Trail crosses this area, too. But we didn’t follow the way markings.

We walked a few meters to the right and then up the hill always keeping right at the several crossings. I can only post a few pictures here, but I can’t give you an impression about the smell. It’s like an afternoon with essential oils. 


The trail is comfortable to walk and we kept right until we were almost at the end. During the first 2 km it was drizzling, but  short before the top, it stopped raining. And that’s why we made a break using one of the piled up logs.

From the picture you can see the walking route.


After the break we made our way back and it’s slowly going down again. At the end of that loop, we met the path again where we came up from the car park.

The first part is a bit challenging, but if you slow down a bit and keep walking continuously same slow pace, you will make it to the top without being exhausted. Overall a wonderful, relaxing walk.


There are so many options to go to the car park at Glennagear Woods. And this is the first time, I can’t recommend any of these options. It’s entirely up to you. Best practice is here to use any of the navigation systems (Apple Maps, Google Maps, tomtom etc.) and enter the GPS coordinates:

52°7′7″ N  8°31′39″ W

Be aware, that all the options provided by any of these systems includes L-roads. Loads of them are on some parts really a rag-rug. But the area as such is fantastic.

I’m sorry for all my readers who are dependent on public transport. However, that’s the reason why I offer my People Walking Service.