Glenbower Woods

Glenbower Woods

The first weekend in January 2018 was freezing cold. But it was so sunny and that’s why I decided to walk in one of my favorite areas.

Killeagh calls!

Glenbower woods in Killeagh. Easy to get there, away from the noise and you have the choice.
The choice how far you want to walk and which route you want to go for.
 To the left of the river Dissour or to the right. In the shade of the woods or a bit more exposed to the sun.

And if you are keen on history or learning about the different trees, birds, plants in that very old forest, you will find it here as well. The website is a wonderful resource.

I parked the car that day already at The Old Thatch, but there are some other parking areas available. One at the playground and one directly in front of the barrier.

Glenbower Woods, overview and short historical description of Glenbower woods

The sun was nicely shining and so a few more people had the same idea to use this wonderful day. Dogwalkers, horseriders, families with children and a few runners.
I started my walk behind the barrier, a bit exposed to the sun and it was a good feeling, how powerful the sun can be at the beginning of January. There are so many options to walk through that area and it already starts at the barrier and again at the remainings of this old bridge :

Crossing the old bridge, walk down and go under the bridge along the stream, passing the bridge by and use the trail to Fainins Well or simply walk on until to the farm or further. A few wooden bridges were built to cross the river on some points and you also have the option to sit down in one of the wodden huts.

The whole area at a glance

The whole area you can walk is to see in this map, which is also to find on the website

Glenbower Woods, map for the whole area with all the provided walking paths
You see, this area is not only suitable for short walks, but also for long extended hikes. It is always good to be dressed properly for whatever weather.

Feel well afterward in The Old Thatch

When coming back from your walk, you might like to drink a cup of tea or coffee or maybe you are hungry. The Old Thatch isn’t simply a pub, but also a very good restaurant. It’s well known for their tasty food. And they offer an extremely tasty lemon-ginger tea!


How to get to Killeagh:

As this is a walk everybody can reach by bus as well, let’s start with the public transport:

Bus No. 260

Bus No. 40

As far as I found out, there are 2 bus stops in Killeagh and the best is to ask the bus driver where to exit. If you mention The Old Thatch, then you won’t miss dropping off. It is well known.

If you go by car, simply follow from Dunkettle Roundabout the N25 and you end up anyway in Killeagh.  The Old Thatch can’t be missed. Behind the pub to the left is a tiny road. Follow this one until to the car park at the playground or carry on to the car park just at the entrance to the woods.

And if you want to join me for a walk or hike, please click here for guided walks in Co. Cork.


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to post about these walks Elisabeth – really looking forward to some adventures post-lockdown.

    All the best,

    1. Hi Laura, it’s so urgent to see something different like home. Enjoy whenever you find the time. I will be outside for walking, too. Find new interesting walks. And…..we will find them. Enjoy and stay safe!! Elisabeth

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