Garretstown Wood, Co. Cork

Garretstown Wood, Co. Cork

Garretstown beach is to overcrowded? The light seems too bright? Garretstown offers an alternative for such a day. Let’s go for a walk in Garretstown woods!

Garretstown Wood

Not far away from the beach, along the road to Ballinspittle, there’s the entrance to Garretstown woods. The forest was part of an estate and offers a few nice spots to the sea. And the trail is suitable for almost everyone as you can see:

In front of the arch is a small parking area. Once you passed the arch, follow the trail and keep to the right until you pass a barrier. Stay on the main path which leads constantly uphill with a light gradient. If you have a buggy for your smallest ones with you, it might be a bit demanding, but the walk as such is nice and comfortable. The good thing is, once you are up to the street, most of the time it’s going down again. And…. you have time. Enjoy the walk, you aren’t in a rush.

There are a few path markings (a blue, orange and a white one).

When walking uphill, you firstly will come to a crossing where the white trail splits from the main trail to the right. Further ahead you will come to a T-crossing with the path markings orange to the left and blue to the right.

If following the blue one and you will come to a small street which isn’t that busy. Cross it and go on walking at the other side. It leads again through woodland and on some points there are nice views to the south and the sea. Once through that area, you will come again to this street you have crossed earlier, however a few 100 m to the south. Turn left here and walk back along the street for about 50 meter. Keep in mind to walk on the right hand side of the street facing the traffic. There is another barrier. Follow the trail behind it. The trail with split after a while into 2 separate paths. Both lead back again to the main trail.

On your walk back, you will come to the T-crossing again and now you have the option to walk the orange trail. It’s up to you. But I wouldn’t recommend it, if you have a buggy with you.

Walking the blue trail combined with the orange, it is about 7 km. Walking only the blue one, you walk about 6 km.

I didn’t walk the white trail so far. But once I have more information about that part, I will update the post.


As already mentioned in my post for Garretstown Beach, you have 2 options to come to Garretstown.

From Dunkettle Rdabout or Kinsale Rdabout take the N40 until Wilton Rdabout and take then the lane designed to be linked to the N27. Follow the N27 to Innishannon and turn after the bridge into the R605 to Ballinspittle. It’s 5 km more than following the R600 to Kinsale and going through the narrow center of Kinsale, but more convenient. 2 km before Garretstown Beach is the entrance to the Forest on the right hand side. There is a brown walking sign opposite the arch at the entrance.

Through Kinsale you might take a bit longer. Take the R600 from Dunkettle Rdabout or Kinsale Rdabout to Kinsale, go through, and follow further the R600. A few km behind Kinsale, at Barrells Crossroads, turn left towards Old Head. Follow the R604 until you come to “The Speckled Door (Bar, Restaurant)”. Turn to the right to Garretstown Beach and turn right at the very end of both beach parts to follow the R604 for another 2 km. The entrance is on the left hand side. On the right hand side is a brown walking sign.

GPS: 51°39′43″ N  8°35′38″ W

For all the people who have to take the bus:

Take the Bus No. 226 to Kinsale and take then the local link Bus No. 253 to Garretstown. Ask the bus driver where to get off for Garretstown woods. He might be a genernous one and let you drop off on the nearest point to the entrance.

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