Garretstown Beach, Co.Cork

Garretstown Beach, Co.Cork

Finally we have a few nice days you can call “warm”. I deliberately set the word between quotation marks. I call days warm, from that moment on, where I’m able to walk with only one layer of dressing and not 3 or 4. To be honest, I’m not a benchmark for temperatures or feelings like cold or warm. Very rarely it’s too warm for me.

So let’s go out as long as the weather is so inviting.


Garretstown calls a wonderful beach it’s own, which is divided in 2 parts. One sandy part when coming from the Old head and a smaller part when passing by and going towards Ballinspittle. Both are suitable not only for swimming, but also for a wonderful walk. And before I forget to mention: Think about tide times and sun protection.

I started just before noon and found my way to Garretstown beach the other day. Not that far away from Old Head of Kinsale. I know the parking area and the first part of the beach. There’s a wonderful place for swimming and walking. You don’t need a description for a walk on the beach, because it is obvious. You don’t have anyway loads of options here….Actually only one: Back and forth 😉

However, when you drive on to the next part of the beach, there is a parking area, too, a small one. This part of the beach seems to be used more for surfing rather for swimming. But at the end of the parking area you can go for a nice walk along the cliffs. Not a very long walk, it’s only about 1 km one way, but it’s worth. It is a bit challenging, because the path is quite narrow. Sometimes so narrow, that you have to think about, how to put your shoe in front of the other. But have a look yourself.

Absolutely stunning area! You can spend a good while and enjoy this quiet place.


Basically you have 2 options to come to Garretstown.

From Dunkettle Rdabout or Kinsale Rdabout take the N40 until Wilton Rdabout and take then the lane designed to be linked to the N27. Follow the N27 to Innishannon and turn after the bridge into the R605 to Ballinspittle. It’s 5 km more than following the R600 to Kinsale and going through the narrow center of Kinsale, but more convenient. You will end up directly at the smaller car park at Garretstown Beach.

If you want to go through Kinsale… it’s your choice. It might last a bit longer, because Kinsale is on summer days pretty full. Take the R600 from Dunkettle Rdabout or Kinsale Rdabout to Kinsale, go through, and follow further the R600. A few km behind Kinsale, at Barrells Crossroads, turn left towards Old Head. Follow the R604 until you come to “The Speckled Door (Bar, Restaurant)”. Turn to the right and follow until the parking areas at Garretstown Beach.

GPS: 51°38′40″ N  8°35′5″ W

And good news for all the people who have to take the bus:

Take the Bus No. 226 to Kinsale and take then the local link Bus No. 253 to Garretstown.

And if you want to join me for a walk or hike, please click here for guided walks in Co. Cork

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