Dungourney and Leahy’s Farm

Dungourney and Leahy’s Farm

Believe it or not, it’s only about 50 days to go until Easter. No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. It’s true. In 2018, Easter Sunday is on the 1st of April! Time to plan what to do on such a special weekend. Why not try the Northeast of County Cork?


Dungourney is almost in the middle between Midleton, Co. Cork and Tallow, Co. Waterford at the R627 and on the way to Leahy’s Open Farm. It’s not a very spectacular village, however, once you are through, you will reach a plateau with a forest area and stunning views, comparable to Mounbaun Woods.

Plateau North Cork

From the picture of the map, I posted before, you can see that this area between Dungourney and Tallow is a nice forestry area. That means, you don’t have only one possibility to walk, but a few. A big thank you to Nicole, who made me aware of this area. So far I made only one of them and started just a few meters in front of Leahy’s Open Farm. There are a small parking area and a barrier on the left-hand side when coming from Midleton.

Right behind starts a fantastic loop walk. It’s about 5 km long and almost no gradient. If you decide to follow the signs to the Holy Well first, you will pass a small lake called Knockakeo Lake. Further along, you will have a stunning view over the plateau to the west.

Leahy’s Open Farm

If you have children, Leahy’s Open Farm might be a good decision to visit because it promises loads of activities and fun for the whole family. They have a nice coffee shop and restaurant available and that’s why it is a suitable alternative solution if the weather-god is not so merciful to us.


From Dunkettle Roundabout follow the N25 until Midleton Roundabout and take the first exit to Midleton. At the end of this street turn left, pass by the Jameson Distillery and turn right into the R627. Follow this road for approx. 14 km.

GPS: 52°0′27″ N  8°4′23″ W

Sorry, for all who needs public transport, because there is none.


And if you want to join me for a walk or hike, please click here for guided walks in Co. Cork