Doneraile Wildlife Park

Doneraile Wildlife Park

Well, I know, the football world championship takes place at the moment. Either you’re sitting at work or in front of the TV. There’s only rare time to go for walking. I know all the excuses because I’m interested in football as well. That’s why I know how difficult it can be.

But this current “summer” isn’t like the years before. It is often sunny, not that often rainy and, most important, it is warm. Let’s use one of the upcoming days and go for a walk. At least in the early afternoon.

For all, who can’t decide:

From 25.6. only 2 times daily games will be broadcasted: 3 pm and 7 pm.

And if you miss the first half of the first match? No worries. The 2nd half is crucial.

Doneraile Wildlife Park

I had this location on my list for a long time, but I never got around to it because……… That’s where they start again: the apologies.

So no more apologies. Let’s visit this wonderful park! To make it a bit easier, first of all, I’m going to show you a few pictures:

Isn’t it amazing? This is only the first impression when you start your walk at the gardeners cottages and garden. And when walking around, taking a turn off here and there, you will find the following:

Doneraile Wildlife Park


It can cover the early afternoon, where the matches start later. If you are not interested in football at all, you can spend hours here. And the best thing is: It’s admission free!


From Cork City Center take the N20 to Mallow. Drive straight through the first roundabout in Mallow and keep on going until New Twopothouse. No worries, Doneraile is signposted. Turn right in New Twopothouse by taking the R581 until Doneraile. When you come into Doneraile, you will see many parking spaces along the main road.

GPS: 52°12′55″ N  8°35′10″ W

Well, and all people who dependend on public transport have a hard time. There is bus No. 243 but it works only 5 times a week and not really at times that would be suitable. Getting there is one thing, but back is a challenge after all