Castlemartyr – Relaxing while walking

A Christmas special for you!


Castlemartyr has a wonderful area that needs to be explored. Not only because it is a historical area, but it’s another multi-access site to a forest recreation area (more information about: The forest is only divided by the Castlemartyr Resort.

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Rostellan Co. Cork

A few days earlier when the days were still sunny and warm, I was in Rostellan. Absolutely worth as you have here plenty of possibilities to find your personal walk. You can spend hours at this place if you want. This blog entry will be continued as it was not the last time, I was here. More pictures and a few more details will follow.
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Tracton Woods, Co. Cork – the unfinished 7 km trail and an unexpected alternative

It’s only a few days ago. Not too cold, not too rainy, but dark grey! Nothing that drags someone outdoors. And you know that feeling? You are bored? Basically, you should do something, but everything inside yourself refuses action?
I was in the same pitfall. My inner voice told me: “Go out! Remember the days you weren’t able to!”  My body said: “You can do whatever you want but, without me”

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