Between Ballincollig and Dripsey, Co. Cork

Between Ballincollig and Dripsey, Co. Cork

To be honest, going for a walk or a hike at this time of the year, can be a big effort for some people. I don’t exclude myself. To make it easier for me to go out and if it is at least for half an hour or a bit more, I search for somebody to join me.

Out of the house and enjoy the nature

Who wants to walk alone, when the weather doesn’t look really inviting? There is a solution!

Please click here for guided walks in Co. Cork

My neighbor was not really keen to walk her dog recently and so we made a deal. She takes her dog and I drive the car to the next walk I wanted to report about.

If I don’t walk, I can’t write about.

If I don’t write, I can’t post my article

If I don’t post it, you won’t have a chance to read.

If you don’t read, you can’t find out if it suits you.

And so on and so forth. It’s a vicious cycle!

Right at the town limits

Lee Valley is a real treasure and so huge, that you could walk for days if all the nice walks would be connected to each other. Unfortunately, they aren’t.

I already mentioned Coachford in my last post, but this time we didn’t want to go so far and that’s why we started very near to Ballincollig. The first walk we found is a nice and short one. 3,5 km away from Ballincollig Regional park’s western entrance, called Curraleigh. Simply cross Inniscarra Bridge and turn left at the end of the road. The winding road is beautiful. Green, wherever you can see.

The entrance to the walking area is next to the Inniscarra Dam on the left-hand side (ESB area). When you slowly drive downhill, you will find a designated parking area. There is a green fence with a small door.

When we entered the area, we didn’t expect such a nice walk along the river. Here are a few pictures:

The loop walk is only 2,2 km and is along the Lee. There are a few benches to sit and watch the water flowing. There are fishing opportunities, too, as you can see. For information about fishing, please have a look at ESB’s website:

The sound of this tiny waterfall may encourage you to get up from your sofa and walk a bit.


GPS: 51°54′19″ N  8°39′34″ W

Dripsey – Faha, Innisleana

As it turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day, we explored the surrounding a bit more and left this place towards Innisleana. It is about 3 km behind the dam and directly at the banks of the Lee Valley reservoir. If you want to be a bit exposed to the sun, it is the right decision to go for. At the beginning are a picnic area and a boat rental. At the end of this short street are a barrier to another ESB area and a walk along the waterfront. The only disadvantages are the tarred surface and it’s not a loop walk. To and back is about 4 km.



I’m sure you will love it, too. The following video will give you a holiday feeling:

GPS: 51°54′24″ N  8°41′56″ W


Feel well afterward in Griffins home and garden center

And as we were a bit hungry after that 2 nice walks, we left Innisleana towards Dripsey. The next bigger village. We made a stop at Griffins home and garden center. One of these restaurant & cafe, you can feel cozy. Freshly homemade cakes, excellent food, reasonable prices.


Lee Valley is a bit tricky to get by bus. Bus No. 233 is running this route. However, the stops are not easy to find. It is best to talk to the bus driver if he might stop at certain points to drop you off. There are bus stops in Dripsey and in Coachford for sure.

For all others, the directions are mentioned in the text.

If you want to do those walks better in spring rather than now, maybe you can meet up with colleagues or friends and rent a car to be independent.