Waterfalls in Co. Cork, No. 2

Basically, it’s already the 3rd waterfall I introduce, if I take the tiny one into account that is located just behind the Inniscara Dam in Lee Valley. Nevertheless, it is the 2nd one that is worth to go for a walk because of it.

Ballard Waterfall

One of my blog readers made me aware of this waterfall and that’s the reason to be back in North Cork. A big thank you to Matthias! If you hadn’t mentioned it, maybe I’d found it anytime in summer or not at all.

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Dungourney and Leahy’s Open Farm

Believe it or not, it’s only about 50 days to go until Easter. No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. It’s true. In 2018, Easter Sunday is on the 1st of April! Time to plan what to do on such a special weekend. Why not try the Northeast of County Cork?
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Moanbaun Woods, Co. Cork

Time shift has been completed. We all were allowed to sleep an hour longer. Not really, because this hour has taken away by spring shift. We only got back what we deserve. But this single hour has a huge impact. Since that last weekend of October, we are living in a deep hole. Surrounded by darkness, lower temperatures, wetness and main color GREY. We feel a lack of energy, are tired or suffer immediately from “Winter blues”.

And now? Staying inside and mourning for spring shift? Next time shift is at end of March and then we definitely complain again, because of the one single hour that will be taken away.

Let’s turn it into a positive scenery:

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