Rostellan / Rostellan-Farsid, South & East Cork bird trail, Co. Cork

8. October 2017

A few days earlier when the days were still sunny and warm, I was in Rostellan. Absolutely worth as you have here plenty of possibilities to find your personal walk. You can spend hours at this place if you want. This blog entry will be continued as it was not the last time, I was here. More pictures and a few more details with pictures.


Before the storm… Curragh, Co. Cork

20. Oktober 2017
What to do, when the main color of the sky is grey instead of blue? Exactly! Dress properly and out for a walk 🙂
I was at Curragh. A wonderful Forest Recreation Area to walk through.
 I only walked half the way through today, because I wasn’t dressed so properly. You should have always a pair of hiking shoes in your car’s boot. I missed taking care of that.