Glenbower Woods

The first weekend in January 2018 was freezing cold. But it was so sunny and that’s why I decided to walk in one of my favorite areas.

Glenbower woods in Killeagh. Easy to get there, away from the noise and you have the choice.

The choice how far you want to walk and which route you want to go for.
To the left of the river Dissour or to the right. In the shade of the woods or a bit more exposed to the sun.

And if you are keen on history or learning about the different trees, birds, plants in that very old forest, you will find it here as well. The website is a wonderful resource.

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Castlemartyr, Co. Cork – Relaxing while walking

A Christmas special for you!


Castlemartyr has a wonderful area that needs to be explored. Not only because it is a historical area, but it’s another multi-access site to a forest recreation area (more information about: The forest is only divided by the Castlemartyr Resort.

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A walk in the park!

Now it’s December, it’s Christmas time and nobody wants to go out for a long walk. The inhibition threshold is higher. For me, too. Either it is too cold, or it is too grey, or it is rainy or it might start raining. If you want, you’ll find an excuse.
However, an hour or at least half an hour being outside can make a huge impact and give you a relief from all that trouble around.

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Ballincollig, Co. Cork – Regional Park – The gem amongst the treasures!-

You are busy with Christmas Shopping?

No time to relax?

You don’t like to use an app for being mindful of your mental health? (Like me! )

And you think sports is a murder? You don’t like going to a gym? Me, neither.

But you are curious, to find a way to combine a bit of everything with a valuable outcome?

Let me take you out for a walk this weekend (or one of the next). Not that far away and suitable for everyone.

For singles, for couples, for dog walkers, for runners, for explorers, for nature lovers, for Christmas shoppers (before or afterward), for elderly people, for our youngest family members, for students of all age and for families and not to forget for all in Cork City, who are dependent on public traffic!

The highlight all year round: Ballincollig Regional Park

Good for short and long walks, to enjoy the nature, to incidentally experience a bit about Cork’s history and most of all get a relief from the stress by taking a deep breath.

Between November and February, it is opened from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., during the spring, summer and early autumn the park’s opening times are extended in the evenings.

3 entries: One in the east, one in the middle and one in the west. Every entrance offers different options.

Sounds interesting to you?

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